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Let's Go !

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This is not a site devoted to disposable eating utensils, although a portion of the site could possibly become that. Instead it is a place for our family to goof off, and share some of our interests, and a little information about ourselves. There's no telling what type of silliness may appear, but it will be in good humor, (at least in my opinion) and I guess good taste. *  I must admit I can not take credit for the name Plastic Silverware, as it is one of my son's many screen names, so I did the next best thing and exercised parental authority and stole it for this web site. I can tell you these days that almost any original name or variance of such that a normal person would want to register as a domain, is taken. So when we found this one was still available we jumped on it. Notice the key word "normal".

*not responsible for differences of interpretations

Disclaimer : materials on this website are property of their prospective copyright owners, and here for the personal enjoyment of visitors to this site. any resemblance between characters living or dead is purely coincidental, so there !